My name is Julia VizcaĆ­no Luna, I am currently enrolled at Base Camp Coding Academy Graduate Institute in Water Valley, MS. Base Camp Coding Academy is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that allows under-advantaged individuals to enroll in a year-long program where the students work with real-world technologies. These technologies include the fundamentals of app-development, coding, project management, and the life leadership skills we will need to be successful in our careers and competitive in this software development job market upon graduation. It is a fast-paced and focused curriculum that covers Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Django, Java, and Spring. Here I have become proficient in developing and learning new skills quickly. After graduating I will be equipped with a diverse and promising skill-set in coding. I graduated from The University of Mississippi with an Art Degree and am a skilled Graphic Design Artist. I think of coding as an art and enjoy the creativity that it brings. I'm excited to utilize all my skills both as an artist and a software developer. I equally enjoy both the front and back end of development. I have worked many years in the hospitality service industry, where I have picked up leadership and management skills. I am a team player and know I will make a great addition to any team.